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5G is here, but what is it and how will it change the world?

5G network is the new hit this year, and from the looks of it it will shape out our year with major changes on the horizon.

Telecom experts all over the world are going so far as saying that the arrival of 5G is the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. High-tech gadgets and devices are already all around us and their number is drastically increasing every day. They are starting to use more and more bandwidth and that is why companies across the board will leverage 5G capabilities to better reach consumers.

5G networks will bring consumers incredible internet speeds at home (up to 20Gb/s) imagine downloading an HD Movie in 2 seconds!
But it also brings much-needed improvements for companies to make advancements such as even smarter, better-connected cars, advancements in medical technologies and much more.

5G refers to 5th-Generation Wireless Systems and uses additional spectrum in the existing LTE frequency range to build on the capabilities of 4G, which is often used interchangeably with 4G LTE by marketers. LTE denotes Long Term Evolution, and is a term that was deployed with early 4G networks that presented a substantial improvement on 3G, but did not fully qualify as 4G, meaning 4G LTE is essentially first-generation 4G.

It was safe to assume that 5G would be faster than 4G, but it's not a little faster, It's A LOT! 4G maximum speed reached was 1 Gbit/s while the 5G is 20Gbit/s meaning it is 20 times faster!

So here are 5 ways the world will change to welcome 5G:

1) A large number of small antennas 
5G is not perfect, one of the major setbacks is its reach. What this means is that compared to the huge, geographically dispersed cell towers that characterize 4G networks and earlier, will be replaced by 5G antennas composed of small cells. Consumers should expect to see the unique 5G antennas, even in their own homes.

2) Increased Bandwidth Capacity 
Analysts predict that 5G will address the need for connection capacity brought about by a world of smart devices. 5G is expected to have a bandwidth between 100 and 1,000 times greater than the current 4G network.

3) Super Speed 
It's been tested that 5G is able to transmit 20 or more gigabytes per second in its initial stages of use, and transfer rates could reach nearly 1,000 gigabytes per second in the future. Analysts say that such speeds will revolutionize the global technology sector worldwide.

4) Unbreakable connection 
The most striking prediction about 5G is that it will be unbreakable, meaning that it will remain consistently reliable and above-average in its effectiveness. The 5G network is expected to have a latency of just one millisecond. That means no more lag! A flawless interconnected system makes new devices and concepts possible in the future.

5) The Internet of Things of Everything 
The IoT is developing fast and is going to include updated and smarter appliances that will make use of 5G technology, including washers and dryers, cars, traffic cameras, roads and who knows what else! Analysts predict that over 20 billion things will join the IoT in the next decade, and the 5G technology is anticipated to be the thread that connects this unimaginably larger network of devices.