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Introducing the Fabulous Two: Exinoz Lausanne and Exinoz Milan

Exinoz Lausanne

While most of you - hopefully - have been enjoying your summer splashes, we've been working extra hard here at Exinoz. But, we are happy to say that our work has led to some very spectacular results that we want to share with you.

We are very excited to announce the two newest additions to our Exinoz family: Exinoz Lausanne and Exinoz Milan.

These two luxury leather cases are handmade for those of you who want to give your iPhone the outfit it deserves. Made of 100% genuine leather, designed with love and care these cases are everything you want them to be: protective, stylish and made to last.

Exinoz Lausanne comes in a vivid red color that even Ferrari would envy, and you can never go wrong with the classic black Exinoz Milan.

Exinoz Milan

Both cases are now available for pre-order at a special promotional price. Check out the detailed descriptions and photos on our online store and make sure to bookmark our website for the upcoming offers and promotional discounts.

Both Exinoz Lausanne and Exinoz Milan will be shipped by the end of August for all the orders within the USA.

Merry summer and merry shopping!