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We here at Exinoz love our AirPods and we're not alone. AirPods are one of the best accessories that Apple have released for their products, and it is certainly one of the most sold too. Analysts reckon that 16 million AirPods were sold in 2017 and 28 million last year. Predictions for this year looks even better with estimates that around 55 million units will be sold this year.

AirPods by themselves, of course, are a great product, but as with the iPhone, there are some amazing accessories that can make it even better, so we decided to line them up for you in this post.

AirPods Cases

The AirPod Charging Case is made from hard plastic, but it is still plastic, and very slippery. We drop ours all the time and it can be easily scratched or damaged, so it's a good idea to use a case or cover to help protect your beloved AirPods.

AirPods Genuine Leather Case

Starting with the one that we like the most is the AirPods Leather Case. It's our favorite because we love leather cases. Using a nice genuine leather cover can not only ensure your AirPods are always safe but also adds a nice touch to your already nice AirPods. The leather texture feels great and is made of genuine cowhide leather.

Price: $49.97 $29.97

AirPods PU Leather Case

If you are not a fan of genuine leather or would prefer something at a better price, we've got you covered with this stylish PU Leather AirPods Case. This will also ensure protection for your AirPods and provide that rough leather feel, while still being eco-friendly.

Price: $24.97 $14.97

Creative Silicone Case

Who said that you can't add a little creative style to your case. We love this Owl shaped silicone protective case, it is unique and really ads personalization to AirPods you use every day. It's made from a durable silicone material that is shockproof so it keeps the AirPods safe while looking cool.

Price: $24.97 $14.97

Waterproof Case

You might be used to keeping your AirPods safe and away from any water by now, but accidents can happen and that's why we recommend using this silicone waterproof case. You will no longer need to panic anytime you see a light rain or walk by the pool, you can be sure that even if you drop them in water they will be safe with this waterproof case.

Price: $19.97 $14.97

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is the future, and there is a variety of wireless chargers out there that will help you charge your iPhone. However, if you need to simultaneously charge all of your Apple devices when they're low on power, that's when you start running into issues.

That's why this 3-in-1 Wireless Charger is very practical so that you can charge all of your Apple devices at the same time and so that you never have to worry about running low on power for any of them while also keeping everything in the same place.

Price: $99.97 $69.97

Anti-Loss and Anti-Theft Accessories

It might come off as a little crazy that one of the biggest advantages of AirPods, the wireless part, may be one of the downsides as well. It's easy to misplace or lose one if you are not paying attention, and they can be easily snagged if you don't pay attention.

AirPods Strap

The AirPods Strap may not look particularly useful upon first glance but it can actually serve many purposes. One of them is when you are running, or jogging, it will prevent from the accidental drop of your AirPods. It will also prevent the fall and damage of AirPods if they accidentally fall from your ear.

Price: $19.97 $12.97

AirPods Earhooks

If you are having trouble keeping your AirPods in your ear or if they are coming loose sometimes, then this is the product for you. These ear hooks will help to secure your AirPods in place and provide you with a nice silicon cover ensuring minimum movement and disturbance.

Price: $19.97 $12.97

Bundle of 5 Accessories

What's better than one accessory?

5 of them of course!

So we have a bundle for you that includes : 
1x Silicone protective case for AirPods 
1x Anti-loss Strap for AirPods 
1x Anti-loss Holder for AirPods 
1x Silicone Eartips 
1x Carabiner Buckle

You won't lose or damage your AirPods with these.

We also have them in different colors so that they can match your style.

Price: $24.97 $14.97