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Like most people living in a first-world country, I always assumed the water I was drinking was safe...

We always used the filtered water from our fridge… and we even bought a fancy filter pitcher to use with the tap (you may have the same one in your home).
I thought that was enough to keep us safe. All the water we drink at home is filtered… that should be plenty, right?!

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But a couple of months back, I stumbled onto a blog that made my jaw drop… and it completely changed my opinion about the water we drink.

I Was Shocked To Learn That Our Water Supplies Are Nowhere NEAR As Safe As I Thought

The blog post was talking about an investigation done by the Environment Working Group (EWG).

They spent 3 years analyzing the results of almost 20 MILLION drinking water tests in the US…

And what they discovered wasn’t pretty.
They found that 316 out of 324 tested had contaminants such as lead, arsenic, chlorine, and even E. coli are likely swimming in your drinking water right now...

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The worst part is, this is completely legal.

The contaminant levels are within the EPA’s standards…

… BUT they are FAR ABOVE the levels scientists have determined are harmful to our health.

In fact, the legal limit is often hundreds of times higher than the limit recommended by public health agencies. I guess it's no wonder that so many of us are getting sick!

That's why you might want to consider something like this all new self-cleaning water bottle that purifies your water at the press of a button.