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Best Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

Wouldn’t you like to have more time to play your Nintendo switch? Well if you didn’t know already the Nintendo switch charging can be faster and better. Moreover, I want to tell you the best Nintendo switch chargers that can drastically increase your playing time. Imagine having a couple extra hours of playing time when your on a long flight or car ride.

A nintendo switch AC adapter is great because it’s the safest charger for the switch and it’s made by Nintendo. This switch adapter can also work worldwide and can charge the official switch controllers. The biggest con about a Nintendo switch adapter is the size. Unfortunately, it’s too big to fit on most switch carrying cases.



A better and smaller switch AC adapter would be the Atom. Even though it's small, it can still charge pretty fast (It has been measured to charge 2hrs & 20 min from 0 to 100% charge). The Atom comes with a single USB-C slot, making the design great to fit in smaller switch cases. 

The issue with this adapter specifically for the Nintendo switch is that it doesn’t support “play and charge” mode when its connected to your tv. So, you can’t use it to power up your switch while its docked. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a more portable charger this is an excellent choice.



The atom is a great Nintendo Switch power adapter, but there is something even better than an adapter…

A Portable switch backup battery pack is a great portable switch charger and it  has two kickstands. This allows you to play comfortably on a tabletop, also the kickstand can be adjusted to your pleasing. A battery pack is the best lightweight alternative instead of the wall plug.



You gotta love backup battery packs because they allow you to play longer on the go.That’s why I will mention another battery pack this time from Gulikit. There are many battery pack out there, but this one offers up to 10 hours of additional play time. Now you can keep playing your Mario Kart 8 tournaments for a much longer time! Also, you don’t have to worry about overheating with this one because it was specifically designed to prevent overheating.



I hope I helped you find a better charging solution for your Nintendo Switch. Whether it be for faster charging, travel, or extended battery time while on the go.