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Don't wanna move from the couch? You don't need to with these gadgets

We all love staying in on a Sunday evening binge watching our favorite shows on Netflix or TV. But when it comes to actually getting up from the couch to get something, well, no one likes that.

So we are here to help bring your relaxation to a new level. We gathered some crazy, some straight up genius and some really useful gadgets to help you not move from the couch.


Robot Vacuum


Starting with a product that is genius, crazy and useful at the same time. You most probably already heard about it. It is a smart vacuum cleaning machine, that will map out your home and start cleaning. This amazing device will keep you from getting off the couch to clean yourself! It is small, smart and affordable. You can find it in the market from 100 to 300 USD. You can forget about all the hours of vacuuming and back pain. This will surely increase your hours spent on the couch.

Extendable Fork

Moving on to a little crazier invention, we bring you the extendable fork. With this 21'' fork, you should be able to reach anything in your proximity, without having to get off the couch. You could also use it to prank people or steal food from across the table with ease. It is funny, it is crazy and we love it!

Self Stirring Mug

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This one will both save you the energy input for stirring your beverage as well as keep your spoons clean. It is very useful if you drink a lot of coffee or tea since it serves it's purpose quite well, and let's face it this is heaven for lazy people.

Prism Glasses



There is a fine line between crazy and genius. And we are not sure where this one fits. This prism glasses promise to help you read while laying down. So this means you can get really comfortable while reading on your couch and not be afraid of a book falling and hitting your head. It looks weird but we tried it and it works so why not give them a go.

Reacher Grabber

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This gadget, similar to the extendable fork, can be used to grab things that are a bit further than your hands reach. It is a perfect tool for grabbing anything from remotes to phones and even glasses since it usually comes with a rubber grabbing tool to make sure nothing slips.

Full body blanket


How would you call a blanket with sleeves, well, of course, a slanket. This super soft and comfortable "slanket" will bring you much joy, since you can forget about cold feet or hands, or the trouble of moving the blanket out of the way so you can use your hands. It comes with sleeves for your hands and feet, and it is perfect for every couch potato.

Remote bottle opener

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Last but certainly not least. This gadget is everything you need. Crack open a cold one with your remote and extend your couch chill experience. We are putting this one on a genius list!

I hope that you will use some of these items to help extend your earned rest on your couch. Let me know how you like them, have I missed something, is there another genius product that we should add to our list?