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What if I told you that there was a lock that could:

  • Tell you the last known location of your luggage, backpack, and other valuables
  • Alert you if someone tries stealing your bags
  • Log every time someone opens it, AND for how long it stayed open
  • Even better, what if…you could lock/unlock dozens of locks – one each for your gym locker, storage shed, briefcase, bike lock, luggage, and more…using ONLY your phone!

No more need to store and use keys, remember combos, or fumble with tiny digit tumblers again – Sounds good, right?


What Is It?

It’s called AirBolt – it’s a smart lock/phone app combination that provides advanced hi-tech security with tracking capabilities to keep your valuables from being lost, stolen, or opened without you knowing! Unlike any other lock, AirBolt gives you the unique ability to track and control multiple AirBolt locks right from their free app – making it easy to manage ALL of them right from your phone.

How Does It Work? 
It's so easy ANYONE can use it, all you have to do is:

Download the FREE app (iOS or Android) > Pair with your phone > Enjoy keyless, trackable security!

Key features:

Control Access from Your Phone – Easily lock and unlock all your AirBolts using the FREE app on IOS & Android – simply use a backup code if something happens to your phone!

One App To Control ALL Locks – Control all your locks from the app, including luggage, backpacks, briefcases, gym locker, storage, & more.

Never Lose Your Stuff Again  AirBolt alerts you if someone tries to walk away with your stuff. Can’t remember where you left it? Use the app to check where it was last seen.

Share Access w/ Friends & Family – Grant access to anyone from anywhere in the world with various levels of permission & security.

Advanced AES 128-bit Encryption – Keep cybercriminals out of your business with industry-leading AES 128-bit encryption in every lock.

100% TSA Accepted – Using a unique key, TSA agents can lock and unlock your AirBolt without cutting or damaging it.

Notifies You When Unlocked – Whenever your Airbolt lock opens, it records a detailed history of when & how long it was unlocked.

Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery – Lithium polymer battery lasts up to 1-year per charge & includes a standard Micro-USB cable.

Engineered For Life – Built from heavy-duty metal alloy & stainless steel, AirBolt is weather resistant so you’re ready for anything.

Airbolt Review

AirBolt Pricing

When you hold and feel the quality of an AirBolt lock, and hear the clicks and see the LEDs light up, you’ll stop thinking of it as a lock and start thinking of it as the hi-tech security system it was designed to be!

AirBolt is built to last a lifetime and will give you peace-of-mind knowing your valuables are safe and secure. The pricing starts at $47.39 each + the Free App