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How to Charge Joycons Fast

There have been a lot of amazing consoles released in the last 20 years, but the Nintendo Switch has been the most amazing. A revolutionary change for the Nintendo switch is the joy-con. The joy-con are detachable, tiny wireless controllers with a variety of features. It’s great that they are wireless controllers, but it still means you have to eventually charge them.

Furthermore, there are three ways you can charge your joy-con. The first way is to simply attach them to a docked switch. That is located inside the dock and that is a USB-C connection that the tablet goes into. Doing this will keep both your joy-con and switch charged up for on-the-go play.

The second way on how to charge joycons is to plug your switch in with a USB-C charging cable. The charging cable is included in a standard package. Moreover, the cable will send power to both the console and its controllers, only if the system is in handheld mode with your joy-cons still attached to either side of the screen. Or if your controllers are hooked up to the switch even if the switch isn’t plugged into power itself.

Lastly the joy-con can be removed from the switch and connected to a charging grip. The charging grip also has a USB-C connection, and can easily be plugged into the grip. However, this grip is sold separately.

Awesome, so those are the three ways you can charge your nintendo switch joy-cons, buy you might be wondering how long do joy-cons take to charge? Well they can last on a full charge according to Nintendo, so the battery isn’t too much of a concern for these controllers.