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“Welcome to Your home. Or should I Say - Our Home”

Imagine having a security camera that strolls around the house and keeps you safe. Imagine owning a robot, which can do all sorts of fun things. Imagine having a buddy who’ll both guard your home when you’re not around and keep you company when you’re alone.

Stop fantasizing. The future has arrived.

Household Robot Kuri

For a while now, Mayfield Robotics have been preparing something big – and, oh boy, have they delivered! The two-feet tall Kuri is probably the most intelligent home robot ever created. And the things it can do? Believe me, you will be amazed.

Perks of Being Kuri

The technology used to design and create this robot is simply astonishing. Naturally, you would expect a modern day robot to have some sort of basic camera, speaker or a microphone, but Kuri packs all of that plus a lot more. Let’s start with the sensor array that uses lasers, which enables Kuri to avoid obstacles and navigate through your home. The loveable robot features impeccable hardware backed by the state of the art software – which allows it to, among other things, complete all of its tasks with the punctuality of a Swiss clock.

Kuri has WiFi, Bluetooth, it can play podcasts and react to voice commands or noises. What it doesn’t have is a display interface, so it won't try to communicate with you. Kuri is just here to help you and make your life more comfortable. You can also access Kuri through an app.

Perks of Having Kuri

This robot is designed to connect with you and make your life easier. That is the main drive behind robotics and Kuri knows that as well, and that’s why it won’t become upset if you don’t pay attention to it. Instead, it can provide some background for your poker nights, or read a bedtime story to your kids. The list of things that this magnificent piece of technology can do goes on and on, but some of the main traits of Kuri are:


  • It keeps your home safe– If you're not home and you want to make sure that everything is in order, Kuri will act as your private policeman. Thanks to its high-tech, this robot basically creates a map of your home so it can detect when something is out of order. Kuri can be remotely controlled, which means that you can access a live stream of your home any time you want – take about a peace of mind!


  • Face recognition– Once you bring Kuri home, you should introduce it to your family. Literally. Kuri can memorize faces and it will learn to recognize all the household members. Because of this, Kuri can warn you when a stranger is in your house. It might even save a marriage or two, if you know what I mean.


  • Save on DJs from now on– Oh yes, Kuri likes to party. As mentioned, Kuri can be used as a wireless Bluetooth speaker and it can also connect to your phone or computer and play your favorite songs. You can impress your guests with Kuri's musical choice or by making the robot read a story or a joke out loud. It can even independently follow you around the room while telling you the story at the same time - multitasking at its finest.


  • Don't shoot the messenger– If you have some bad news for your wife or kids and you don't want to confront them, you can ask Kuri to take the heat instead. Simply record a message and then send Kuri to do your dirty work.


  • Independent charging– When it runs out of battery, Kuri autonomously drives itself to the dock and charges until its full. Although Kuri won't apologize too much when it has to go, it'll at least give you a warning bleep or two.


  • It will make your day only by its appearance– Kuri's design is flawless. It could pass as a Pixar character – for sue one of the cutest ones. This robot is so lifelike and mobile that you'll feel like you have another person in the house to take care of. But, on the contrary, Kuri is there to take care of you.

State of the Art Household Robot

Kuri’s mission is to bring technology into your life. It can understand things just from the context and is able separate familiar people from intruders. Although it can’t talk, Kuri can reply using one of the many facial expressions – using a combination of sound effects, lights and blinking eyes. Kuri's amiable sounds are unique and its personality will make you believe it belongs in your home.