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Power Up Your Pokemon Go Hunt

Pokemon Go

Source: Pokemongo.com 

You may have noticed people around you on the street walking with their face glued to the screen and doing flicking motions on the screen. They're most probably playing Pokemon Go, an augmented reality (AR) game that's taken the world by storm, overpassing engagement levels of Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. Check out this 41-second video shot in Central Park.




So what's the game all about? At the very basic, the aim of this game is to catch, battle and train virtual creatures known as Pokemons by throwing Pokeballs at them. This game has led players in their epic pursuit of Pokemons to finding dead bodies, helping the police catch a murder suspect, and has even led some off a cliff. 




The only problem with playing Pokemon Go (aside from their servers constantly crashing) is that the Pokemon game drains your phone's battery life like crazy, especially with the AR feature turned on. You can stay powered on your Pokemon Go Journey by using the EXINOZ Super Power Bank. It will provide you with enough power to play Pokemon Go all day long without worrying about your phone shutting down.

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Don't know how to play the game but you want to learn more? Not to worry! Read more below to get started with the craze.

Basic How to Play Pokemon Go Guide

Firstly you'll need to download the game which you can do for the iPhone and the Android. Make sure you have at least around 200 MB of storage available for the game and updates.

After you install and load the game, you'll be asked to enter your Google account details. There was a bit of a privacy stir initially about how much access they were asking but they have since fixed that. You'll then be greeted and guided through by the professor.

Choosing Your First Pokemon

You'll get to choose from the Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. However, there is a way to catch the most popular Pokemon of them all: the Pikachu! The trick is just to keep walking away and coming back. If you do this enough times, the Pikachu will eventually show up. 

Catching Pokemons

After you've chosen your starter, you'll be shown a map with Pokemons occasionally showing up around you. The way you catch them is by tapping the Pokemon first which will then load up your smartphone camera. This is where the augmented reality part of your game comes into play. The creature will be overlaid on top of your smartphone camera's view so the creature will look like it's in the real world jumping around.

Catching the Zubat at EXINOZ Office

You take the Poke Ball that's at the bottom of the screen and you flick it onto the creature to try and catch it.

 Gotcha Pokemon!

The wild Pokemons will have a ring around them. The colors indicate their level of difficulty to catch.

Green is Easy 
Orange is Medium 
Red is Difficult


Choosing a Team

After you've reached level 5 (the levels are indicative of your experience), then you will need to choose a team when you eventually come across a Gym. When you visit the Gym for the first time, you will be given an option to choose one of the following teams: Mystic which is Blue, Valor which is Red and Instinct which is Yellow. If you plan on playing with friends, then choosing a team is important as teams can work together to attack or defend a gym. 


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