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Essential - as defined by the dictionary, it's something that is absolutely necessary; extremely important.

And this list provides just that, essential things that every iPhone should have, these products are a MUST-HAVE for every iPhone user, we compiled the list, it's your time to get them if you don't already own them. 


iPhone Case

Your iPhone probably contains everything that is important to you, and we can all agree that smartphones play a major part in our life, so it's important to keep them safe, and that's why having a good case can go a long way of not just protecting your phone but making it look great in the process.

PU Leather is a great cover because it is sturdy and yet feels amazing on your touch, it has that familiar leather texture with added padding to ensure your phone is always safe, and plus the 2 extra card slots in the back can replace the need for a wallet.


Price: $20.97 $14.97


Premium Charging Cable

A good charging cable can mean so much, it can cut down on the charging time and greatly increase your battery lifespan. 

It is essential that you use a good one, but also, it's a great idea to have one that is long enough so you do not have to be glued down to a charging port all the time, limiting your usage of the phone. 

Considering you will be using this cable every day, it's important to get a good one so that it does not wear down over time and damage your iPhone or power line. 

Price: $15.99 $9.99

Screen Protector

There is a very small chance of your iPhone ever braking, that is unless the display gets damaged. More than 95% of all iPhone malfunctions come from damaging the display, so if you do not want to get your iPhone damaged, the best idea is to get the screen protector. 

A screen protector is not only useful to protect the screen from breaking but also scratches, no one wants to see their phone with a major scratch in the middle, it's annoying and your display might be more susceptible to cracking, weakening its protective layer. 

Price: $24.97 $14.97

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