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Why You Should Get a Sony PS VIta in 2019

The Song PS Vita was an exciting new handheld gaming console when it first released. Having said that, there were several problems that kept people from buying. For one thing, it retailed for $300 when it was first released, which is quite heft considering that it's what Nintendo charged for their home consoles. Secondly, gamers didn't feel like paying for Sony's overpriced memory cards. At the time, games were feeling like the PS Vita was watered-down version of what gamers they'd get on the home consoles. 

Interestingly, this has changed the PS Vita has increasingly gained in popularity and now considered cool. You'll learn below why.

The Design of the PS Vita

The Playstation Vita is significantly larger than the the PSP screen and higher quality. The Vita is basically like the PSP on steroids. There's an ergonomic design on the back for your hands so that they don't slip. There is a touchscreen to type and access applications. You can even use this function on some games, though this is can be considered a gimmick in some cases. The most practical change compared to the PSP was the right analog stick for camera control. This was a huge hit and allowed developers to make real shooters that gamers would enjoy.

The other surprising thing is the OLED display. The Original PS Vita 1000 has a beautiful display and it's a far more superior OLED display than the Vita 2000. 

Functions and applications

There are a multitude of new applications. The one that Sony wanted to promote the most was the internet service they had with AT&T it was likely a serviceable experience at the time, but now Sony has discontinued the Vita. The Vita almost treats itself like a phone with the ability to have a password screen as well as a home screen for your favorite apps. There was also the ability to do cross play with PS3 games so you could immediately convert your progress on your PS3 game. On top of that, you could play PS1 that you purchased on the Playstation Store.


Part of the popularity of the PS Vita has come from a community that has grown to hack the PS Vita for more functionality. If you're both a hard-core gamer and hacker, the VIta is an amazing device to have and there's a community for you to tap into.

PS Vita games

Uncharted: Golden Abyss was one of the main attraction when it came to vita games initially. It's enjoyable for as a Vita game, but doesn't really compare to the production value of Uncharted 2. It's a great experience if you just want to make sure that you have Uncharted on the go. There are also other gems like Gravity Rush and the Sly Cooper game. Sly Cooper and Street Fighter X Tekken are both cross play, which works out for those who commute a lot. You can rest your Vita and go back to it later which makes the play sessions more practical.

All in all this console has seen a major rise in popularity with more people wanting to paying more for the Vita now. The PS1 library is vast, with some of the best games of all time. This is a worthy investment if you love those games and just want to play it over an airplane or something. The emulation is great and has a much better screen than the PSP. 


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