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Instructions: How to Add The EXINOZ Custom Icons in iOS 14

After you have purchased the EXINOZ iOS 14 Icons Pack, make sure that you download the assets, and save the images to your photos app on your iPhone.

Then you can proceed to follow the step-by-step instructions below. (There's also a video at the very bottom).

1. Open the Shortcuts App

iOS 14 Siri Shortcuts
You can also type "shortcuts" into the search bar to load the app.
2. Click the "+" button on the top right
Siri Shortcuts +
3. Click "+ Add Action"
Add Action
4. Click on "Scripting"
5. Click on "Open App"
Open App
6. Click "Choose"
7. Look for the App You Want To Use
Choose App
8. Click on the "..." on the top right
9. Type the name of the app and click "Add to Home Screen"
10. Type the name of the App again and then click on the icon to the left
11. Click on "Choose Photo"
12. Choose the icon that you saved onto your iPhone Photos folder
13. Click "Choose"
14. Click on "Add" on the top right
15. Click "Done"
And now you're all set!
iOS 14 Home Screen
Watch the Video