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Kelvin Tool

Kelvin17 is the first urban multi-tool ever created, and unlike any other tool you’ve ever seen.

Kelvin17 was specifically designed to tackle the most common everyday household fixes.

It has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Kelvin includes a hammer, a flexible tape measure (up to 3 ft), a liquid level, a screwdriver with 90º locking capabilities, a built-in LED flashlight, and 12 extra bits (a mix of Flat/Philips head, Hex, and Torx) that magnetically attach to the end of the screwdriver – all built into its own carry case. Kelvin17’s compact size makes it significantly easier to carry around compared to traditional toolboxes and is a perfect tool to keep in your kitchen drawer, car, office, and even toolbelt.


For Everyday Quick Fixes to Weekend Projects

There are hundreds of ways to use Kelvin17! Effortlessly hammer, screw, measure, tighten, level, find stuff in the dark, and fix anything. Kelvin comes with everything you need, and nothing you don't.

Always Have The Right Tool

Forget messy toolboxes filled with tools you never use! Kelvin17 combines every tool you'll ever need into one, saving you tons of frustration, time and effort. Just grab it, use it and go. 

There When You Need It Most

Kelvin17 is the most compact urban multi-use tool ever made – the size and weight of your cell phone – so it easily fits in your pocket, car glove box, or kitchen drawer. It's always within reach even when space is tight! 

A $150 Value At A Fraction Of The Cost

Buying all your tools separately could cost you over $150 at your local hardware store! Save hundreds on extra tools and multiple trips to the store by getting all the 'must-have' DIY essentials in one device.

So Easy Anyone Can Use It

Kelvin17’s practical ergonomic design makes the job easier – you don’t need to be a contractor or handyman to use it. Now anyone from the kids to grandma can take care of little fixes around the house!

Choose From Multiple Colors

Who said great tools have to be boring?! Make Kelvin17 uniquely yours with your own stylish color. Choose from Red, Pink, Blue or Black! There's a color for everyone.

A Gift They’ll Use Forever

Kelvin17 is the perfect present for the handyman or woman in your life! A great gift for the holidays.


Thank you for your responses – clearly, some of you want to surprise that DIYer in your life (or want a catch-all solution in your own pocket)! We’re happy to point you in the right direction.

The creators of Kelvin17 are currently running a special promotion – for a limited time, you’ll get 2 FREE Kelvin17 when you buy 3. We don’t know how long this will last, so definitely act now to take advantage of it!

Note: They’ve been hit by heavy demand lately, so it’s a bit difficult to find – but if you get the chance, so we highly recommend trying the Kelvin17 for yourself.