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Scooch -- The Only Phone Grip You’ll Ever Need



The Wingback is an ultra-slim kickstand, grip, and car mount that prevents you from dropping your phone (so you don’t have to waste all that money on repairs).

It does this by working as a convenient grip that allows you to securely hold your phone without worrying that it’ll slip out of your hand. Best part about it? It’s compatible with any smartphone.

You simply stick it on the back of your phone and it pops out as a grip that makes holding your phone easier than ever.

Unlike a bulky case (that doesn’t even prevent drops!), it’s super sleek — in fact, you'll hardly notice that it’s on your phone thanks to the metal springs that keep it out of the way when you don’t need it.

Not only will it help you keep your phone glued to your hand (even under crazy circumstances), but the “kickstand” function is very useful… now you can follow recipes and make Zoom calls hands-free.

In short, it’s the most convenient and useful phone add on you can buy.

Using the Wingback is easy:

  • Stick it to your phone case using its high-strength adhesive.
  • Press the spring to pop out the grip.
  • Hold your phone normally — but now you have a secure grip!

This simple little add-on gives you a lot of conveniences:

  • It prevents drops It can be used as a kickstand for movies or sharing videos
  • It can be placed in a car's air vents to be used as a car mount
  • It lets you reach every corner of your screen with one hand (great if you have smaller hands or a large phone)