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Sell Your iPhone X


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common iPhone X trade-in issues?

A very small percentage of iPhone X devices come in with faulty Face ID hardware.

Additionally, many iPhone X devices are still under a finance plan. To receive the full trade-in value when you sell your iPhone X, any unpaid balances would need to be paid off.

What steps should I take before selling my iPhone X?

  1. Backup your iPhone X to your computer or use Apple's iCloud Backup Service. 
  2. Erase your iPhone X and be sure to to confirm Find my iPhone has been turned off.
  3. Remove any cases / screen protectors from the device before you assess the condition. Often times, any scratches and damages are hidden underneath.
  4. Remove your SIM Card

How is an Offer Calculated?

Our offer price is calculated based on market demand, product condition, and the forecasted price for your device. Taking your time to select the correct responses will help ensure there are no surprise changes to the final value of your device once it is inspected by us.

All offers are subject to our assessment of your item. Rest assured that we will give you the most value for your item.

What happens after I ship?

You can track the progress of your package using the tracking number on the label or in your account. Once we receive your package, it gets scanned into our system before day's end. 

Your payment will be on its way in less than 3 business days after we receive your package.