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What You Need To Know About Type C


The USB Type C must be one of the most confusing cables to buy. You have such a wide range of cables with an equally wide range of prices. 

With so many variations, options, and hidden features, you could be forgiven for thinking that they're all the same. What was meant to revolutionize the USB industry and simplify connections to laptops and smartphones has ended up bringing confusion to the marketplace.

The USB C Cable can be used with many devices today


Many Type C cables have been manufactured so poorly that they can actually damage your hardware.

"I guess I should count myself lucky it didnt burn the house down."

-Redditor who got his smartphone fried by his Type C Cable

Whether you're buying for a laptop, smartphone or even gaming devices such as the Nintendo Switch which uses the Type C cable, it's crucially important to buy the correct one.

Before buying any USB Type-C cables for your new devices, it's important to research the brand before you buy. The reason why these things can happen is that manufacturers will take shortcuts to save on costs.

The tricky thing about the Type C is that the connectors all look the same but what's inside makes a big difference -- the rate at which data transfers, whether it can power your ultra HD display, and whether there's any safety mechanisms to keep your device protected. 

So if you see a cheap $4.00 USB Type C Cable on eBay or some unknown website, it might seem like a smart choice at the time but there's a good chance that you're slowly killing your new Samsung or Google Pixel with each charge. 

Choose to invest a bit more and get the quality your devices deserve.

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