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Wine Headaches Are A Thing Of The Past

the wand

Enjoy Your Wine Without The Headache

Did you know that 75% of wine drinkers get allergy-like symptoms from wine?

Wine-related side effects such as headaches, congestion, face flush, upset stomach, and hangover to name a few are all caused by compounds called sulfites and histamines.

These compounds can be found in ALL wines (even the expensive ones) and the side effects can be both embarrassing and painful. The histamines and sulfites are also what gives wine its bitter taste and noxious odor that make drinking wine unpleasant for some. Until recently, there hasn't been a way to remove these compounds from your wine.

Introducing The Wand, a portable wine purifier that removes over 95% of histamines AND sulfites from your glass of wine in minutes – eliminating wine drinking side-effects for many, while enhancing the flavors and aromas of your wine.

 Reduce The Nasty Side Effects Of Wine

 Enhances The Flavors & Aromas

 Works With All Wine

 Independently Tested & Proven

 Easy To Use

 Small & Portable

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