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Cork Minimalist Wallet with RFID Protection

The Cork Minimalist Wallet now with RFID Protection!
  • MINIMALIST WALLET for Front Pocket use with 3 easy access cards slots. Room for 8 additional cards + Cash and ID
  • SLIM and LIGHTWEIGHT  it even floats! Don't let your cash sink to the bottom of the ocean.
  • CORK made from extremely eco friendly cork. Cork trees take in 300% - 500% more CO2 once stripped than unstripped trees. A GREAT reason to use and love cork.
  • WATER RESISTANT, FIRE RESISTANT, ANTI STATIC, ANTIMICROBIAL, INCREDIBLE. Even NASA uses cork in it's space crafts for it's amazing properties.
  • GREEN no trees are cut down and no animals are harmed in the making of this vegan wallet. Purchase today and receive a no questions asked 2 year money back guarantee
  • RFID Protection - Protect your credit cards, debit cards, driver license and ID cards with enhanced RFID security.



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