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Bundle Includes:


Exinoz RFID Passport Wallet Features:

  • Exterior and interior made of high-grade cowhide leather
  • RFID blocking coating that will protect your credit cards, passport and metro card
  • 7 Credit card slots lined with RFID blocking fabric
  • Durable design with 1-year product warranty
  • Extra slots for storing your boarding pass and foreign currency
  • Slim minimalist design
  • Genuine leather wallet and passport holder
  • Ideal for travel and daily commute


A couple of quick facts:

  • RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification - the chip technology inside credit cards and passports. 
  • Metro cards have RFID chips for quick swiping and credit cards are implanted with RFID chips for faster shopping. 
  • Passports have chips that store our photos and travel information. They’re Everywhere.
  • RFID chips have tiny electromagnetic fields. All you need to do to scan them is proximity 
  • With or Without Your Consent.
  • Without Secure RFID Protection, your wallet can be scanned by a malicious person and your credit card information and personal details can be easily exposed without you even noticing!
  • Fortunately, the EXINOZ Leather Passport Wallet is designed to interrupt and block these radio waves. Made of genuine cowhide leather and lined with layers of RFID blocking it will protect you anywhere you go.
  • The EXINOZ RFID Passport Wallet is minimalist in design and great for both men and women who want to stay safe and travel in style. It can store one passport, cash, tickets and up to 7 credit cards in a very slim and elegant profile.  


EXINOZ Leather Minimalist Wallet (RFID Blocking) Features:

  • SUPER MINIMALIST & SLIM: SUPER MINIMALIST & SLIM: only 0.12" thick, sizing 3.3" X 4.1" X 0.12" extremely convenient to be carried around in your front or back pocket. 100% GENUINE LEATHER: soft and durable.
  • RFID BLOCKING CAPABILITY. Our wallets have been tested for 13.56 MHz Frequency in which our credit cards, debit cards, driver license and ID cards operate. PLEASE BE NOTED THAT the signal of some ID badge, access cards and hotel room cards which operates in 125 KHz, can not be blocked by this wallet.
  • ENHANCES PERSONAL SECURITY: We leverage top RFID technology to block RFID signals used to electronically scan your wallet as someone passes by unnoticed. This keeps your vital information in driver license, debit cards and credit cards from being stolen.
  • PREMIUM FUNCTIONALITY: Our RFID wallet not only offers security, it's also very functional. It features 6 card slots for you to place your most frequently used cards.

100% Cowhide Leather Wallet
We provide three leather styles for you to choose from: Crosshatch leather, Napa leather and Oil wax leather.

  • Crosshatch leather is both trendy and stylish, and is currently used by many prestiged leather product brands.
  • Napa leather renowned for its soft temper, is widely used in wallet production since it was first coined in 1875 in Napa, California.
  • Vegetable Tanned Leather is a natural and pure leather type which use 100% plant oil without any chemicals during the whole production. Many luxurious leather products also adopt this material for its nature feeling and beautiful look.


RFID Blocking Wallet

Equipped with silver embroidered lining which can block RFID signals, this EXINOZ Leather Minimalist Wallet can help you ensure the safety of your ID card and credit/debit card.
This EXINOZ Leather Minimalist Wallet can block RFID signals from cards working at a frequency of 13.56MHz, including:
1. Credit/debit card
2. ID card
3. Driver license

This EXINOZ Leather Minimalist Wallet DOES NOT block RFID signals from cards working at a frequency of 125KHz, including:
1. Most ID badges
2. Some hotel/building access cards


Hand Made Minimalist Wallet

Leather product is smooth and soft, sometimes it's easily stretches during  machine production process. Compared with machine production, we select hand made production for maximum to reduce the rate of leather get stretch. Apart from sewing, which is done with assistance of professional sewing machine, this EXINOZ Leather Minimalist Wallet is hand made by our experienced craftsmen with the traditional tools: cutting knife, scissor and hammer. We insist every wallet arrive to our customer is in original leather shape with good craftsmanship.


True Unisex

The days of men carrying only bifold wallets and women carrying only clutches are long gone. A man can get this slim wallet out from his front pocket in the bar, a woman can also get this mini card holder out from the back pocket of her slim-fit  jean in the cafe. It's an Adorable gift for someone you love. 


Suitable For Any Occasion

Professional design team and a group of free thinking youngster get together to cerate our every product. We love any simple and beautiful things. We design this wallet aim to bring the users more convenience and safety. EXINOZ Leather Minimalist Wallet has compact and convenient design which is a good accessory for your daily life, travel and business situation.

100% Quality Check Before Delivery

Although hand made wallet has lower rate appear defect than machine production wallet. We insist check all finished products ONE BY ONE before packing to ensure good quality condition's product  is sent to every customer. And we adopt gift box to wrap our wallets, which is not only a good way to protect your wallet, but also a decent gift for yourself or someone you love. 


Buy with confidence

EXINOZ offers a 1 YEAR WARRANTY, our warranty covers any defect caused during product production and delivery. We can offer you full refund or free replacement, whichever is at your most convenience.