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Questions That Changed My Life Book (Digital)

The Ultimate Book of Powerful Self-Reflection Questions

These are questions that are designed to:

  • Deepen your engagement with life
  • Better understand yourself
  • Gain distance and perspective
  • Make better decisions
  • Avoid cognitive biases
  • Practice more mindfulness
  • Think creatively
  • Improve the quality of your relationships
  • Gain incredible insights
  • Improve your mental health and relieve stress

This book of power questions is built with meaningful and direct application-focused content for maximum impact.

Book Content

Over 51 Thought Provoking Questions with accompanying explanations

✓ Themes include self discovery, understanding your past, love, relationships, self-care, happiness, passion, decision making, productivity, personal growth, and goals

✓ Helps you remove negative thoughts and self-heal

✓ Every day, dig a little deeper and encourage yourself to self-explore


Learning to Ask Better Questions is an Important Life Skill.

Improve the quality of your thoughts by changing the questions in your head.

And like any other skill, we need practice to get good at it.


Asking the right questions will allow you to see the bigger picture and change the course of your life.

Far too many people get weighed down in doing, and never take the time to think and feel. Take five minutes, an hour, a day, or even a holiday. If you free up some time to think freely, you’ll be able to see the bigger picture much easier. — Richard Branson

Deeper reflection questions can help with feelings of stress and anxiety.


Simple questions such as:

  • Why Do I Have This Thought?
  • Does This Thought Deserve To Be Here?
  • Do I Have The Right People In My Life?
  • What's The Low Hanging Fruits Here?
  • What Gives Me Energy? What Drains My Energy?

The quality your life is determined by the quality of your questions.

Highly recommend this short but powerful book. Filled with nuggets of questions to continually ask yourself. “What’s your true treasure?” “What do I want to avoid?”. And lots more. Very insightful and powerful. — David Shepherd, Google

This internal dialogue that you have in your head — that self talk — it's all just questions and answers.

Changing your questions can change your life — only if you allow it to.

By simply asking the better question, you start to change your belief system.

Consider the question, How can I build a business that allows me to work just four hours a week from anywhere in the world?

That was just one simple question which Tim Ferriss asked himself that led to his best seller, The Four Hour Workweek.

Learn To Reprogram Your Mind Through Powerful Questions

Beliefs comes before choices. Choices before action.

Beliefs are the incredible mechanism that drive action, regardless of those underlying beliefs are true or not.

For example, someone with a scarcity mindset may not act on an incredible opportunity because of their beliefs. "This will never work out! Something always goes wrong! Why even bother?"

By actively looking for better questions to ask, you will be rewiring your brain and creating new, stronger, neural pathways each time to reflect on those questions.

When we observe ourselves having thoughts like, Why Is This Not Working Out?!

We can choose to question this thought. 

Why Do I Have This Thought? How Does This Thought Help Me? How Can I Make This An Empowering Question? 

Changing your thought patterns is not a one-time event.

But if you work on your questions consistently, the quality of your thoughts will change.

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts — Marcus Aurelius

Start with asking the better question. Purchase this life changing book now.

For this week only, you'll also get the Psychology of Misjudgment Book included as a bonus.


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