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BFR Bands for Glutes [Designed for Women]

Blood Flow Restriction Bands for Women

BFR training which is essentially training based on blood flow moderation which happens by putting pressure cuffs on specific areas of your body. These are typically done on your glutes or your arms.

What is blood flow restriction training?

This triggers arterial occlusion which blocks a portion of blood flow.

The traditional way to build muscle and get a metabolic response is through lifting maximum weights. But there's another side to this whole equation which is the biochemical side. 

This is the process which is occurring at the cellular level in your body. 

Why do BFR bands work generally?

It's because by restricting blood flow to the targeted area, you're depriving oxygen to your muscles thereby inducing hypoxia.

What Are The Benefits of Blood Flow Restriction Training?

It's especially beneficial to use BFR cuffs when you're injured or you're unable to do training with heavy loads just generally because you're stuck at home as a result of the lockdowns. 

Additionally, even if you're able to train normally with weights, low intensity BFR training turns out to promote more muscle growth compared to non-BFR high intensity training. 

This is because BFR triggers the biochemical reaction faster.

BFR also stimulates water retention in the muscle which causes the swelling of cells which then stimulates growth through the stem cell pathway. 

This is one of the reasons why David Asprey encourages use of BFR bands. 


Make sure that you're careful with BFR bands and that you correctly measure your bands. Start small. And then work your way up slowly. 


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